Gone are the days when video editing was only done on computers and through complicated, high-end software. Now you can trim, edit, customize, and merge videos through video editing apps that are available for free on Play Store and App Store. Although there are a number of options available, choosing the best app can be a daunting task. To help you choose the best, in this blog, we cover three features to look for in a video editing app. Read on.

Ease of Importing Clips

The first thing to do when editing a video is to import the clips onto the editing app. Most apps, however, take a lot of time to import large files. Another common issue in most video editing software is that they only support specific video formats. Nowadays, you can find video editing apps that allow you to easily and quickly import clips of any format and size.


Trim Clips

Video editing involves a lot of cutting and trimming. You need to be able to get rid of unwanted parts of the video such as a drift of the camera out of focus. Look for a video editing app that allows for easy cutting, pasting, and trimming of video clips. Check out the apps available on Apple Store or PlayStore and choose one that has good reviews for its tools.


Video Merging

There is usually more than one person recording a party or any other event or action. Apart from what you capture on your camera phone, you can collect footage from family and friends and use video editing apps, to merge the videos into a professional movie on your phone in minutes. When merging videos, all clips must be in-sync for the resulting movie to the actual sequence of events without any glitches. That is why you must choose a free video editor that has an easy-to-use interface and allows for effortless merging.


Wrap Up

Editing videos on the go has never been easier! Whether you wish to make a professional quality movie or crop out the unnecessary frames in a video before sharing or storing on the cloud, video editing apps can help you do it all. Now that you know the three things to look for in a video editing app, search the Apple or PlayStore for best application. Go through the app reviews to learn the experiences of other people who have used the apps on your shortlist.


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